The Course

'Wired up to Wellbeing' consists of 6 modules. Each module is supported by training materials which are available from participating centres. The subjects covered are:

ETP front coverE-Empowerment in Birmingham

"Be Heard. Get Informed. Know Your Rights"

‘E-empowerment’ aims to offer an introduction to some of the local government and voluntary services that are available online, how to use them and how to contact someone when things go wrong or help is needed.
Whether it’s information about upcoming events, help with council services or becoming more actively involved in community affairs, this Module shows how the Internet can help you make all this possible.


ETP front coverKeep in Touch with Email

"E-Mail communication with Friends and Family"

Staying in contact has never been easier – or cheaper – thanks to email. What’s more, an email address is often essential these days when requesting information online, such as booking holidays or signing up to receive information.
This module introduces email, including how to set up an account, sending emails and attachments including photographs and email safety.


EL Gazette front cover Follow the E-Plan

"Accessing online information about health and wellbeing"

Access to the Internet and the ability to locate information online quickly and efficiently is a real advantage to those interested in keeping informed about their health and wellbeing. The web offers a huge resource of information about particular conditions and treatments as well as being the quickest way to locate services and support groups.
This module gives a taste of just some of the information available.


Europa Vicina front coverE-Friendship

"Company - you're never alone with E-friends"

Keeping in contact with friends and relatives, making new acquaintances and re-connecting with people from the past has never been more simple. Sending quick text messages or making computer-based telephone calls or video conferencing are just to examples of how communication is just a click away thanks to the Internet.
This module gives a taste of several methods of online communication and tips on how to use these exciting tools safely.


Call Review front coverE-Family Tree

"Discover your family e-tree and get back to your e-roots"

The Internet is an invaluable tool for the family historian. It won't answer all your questions and unfortunately you won't be able to avoid investing a lot of time and energy in your detective work. However, the Web can help you get started on your journey such as through access to databases of past census results and lists of civil registrations. And if the information you're looking for can't be found online, contact details for the many organisations that can help are just a click away.

Call Review front coverE-Conomy

"Online Financial Management, Buying and Selling"

Manage your finances from the comfort of your own home, have the convenience of home deliveries or simply take the opportunity to research that holiday you plan or item you want to buy. The Internet can make life so much easier. Use the Web to check statements, transfer money and pay bills, save on purchases by shopping around and read reviews of products or companies posted by other customers.